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Our Vision: Why We Do Business

All of us at OSTIM LTD have our roots in building. Our experience and our close association with leaders in construction engineering gives us a unique understanding and approach to what we do.

Therefore our vision is, to make Canadians feel more comfortable inside the walls by building up well-structured, energy-efficient, environment-friendly exterior finish systems for now and future.

Our Mission: What We Do

We specialize in exterior of structures. We have had extensive experience in commercial field all over Canada and residential in Ontario and Quebec.

We have the mission of delivering high-quality exterior wall system services with our Canada-wide experience and professionalism, resulting in satisfied customers with successful projects and long term business partnerships across Canada.

Our History

All of us working at OSTIM STUCCO LTD have our roots in construction business. Our experience and our close association with leaders in construction engineering gives us a unique understanding and approach to what we do. Specializing in construction since 2004, we have been working with the best engineers, installers on the field, and besides, our office crew has always given us a unique understanding of construction.

Our Family

Ostim LTD Stucco and Restoration has established a reputation for outstanding quality and customer service. Since 2004 we have been a well-established company, among the certified applicators and EFIS members. At Ostim LTD Stucco, we specialize in removal of old stucco and EIFS systems, building and restoring Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems, as well as plastering and moulding for both residential and commercial buildings in Canada. Whether you are looking for a quick restoration or aiming to completely transform the look of your building, we have the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality. We care about each customer and project. We are all family members welling to go anywhere in Canada, to get the job done with high quality and within the allocated time frame. Our people know stucco, waterproofing, and restoration products. Our crews are experienced and have an excellent record for completing projects on schedule. Our crews on-site are in total compliance with regulations of health and safety, wearing their PPEs and harnesses when at height. We pride ourselves for our craftsmanship, reliability, competitive.

Our Values

These values reflect who we are and how we do business:

Customer Commitment: Our first is always is our customers. We are here to meet their needs.

Excellence: We use outstanding products and high-quality service coming from our experience in the field.

Teamwork: We work in teams and these teams are ready to make a difference in our customers’ lives working altogether.

Respect for environment: We value environment, and encourage the use of environmentally helpful products in our business.

Honesty: We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

Change and Development: We always try to follow the changes in the sector and try to embrace any useful change and development.

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